Trusty Ol’ Shop Vac

Construction is my world and my forte. I have some valuable hints to pass on, having worked at this endeavor for many years. I can tell you all about building techniques and pitfalls and I can cover Las Vegas if you give me time; but most of all today, I want to pass on my concern for safety.

Whatever project you are working on, large or small, safety issues can rear their ugly heads. Why? Because when not heeded, they can cause harm. OSHA books are full of what can happen no matter how hard you anticipate problems. Someone inevitably overlooks a wobbly ladder, an open valve, or a stray electric device that is still plugged in.

I am at that point in life where I relish the opportunity to instruct a bit on a subject near and dear to my heart. Having seen many accidents, many of which could have been avoided, I am here to help anyone who might be put in harm’s way. It is especially true if civilians are floating around a construction area and wander in a no man’s zone.

That being said, I have a small topic today that is currently on my mind. I have been dusting off my trusty ol’ shop vac and have been refurbishing it for further use. No need to get rid of old gadgets. There is plenty of life left in most. Don’t relegate some of your best tools to the junk pile just because they look old. Give them a spit and a polish and they will be like new once again. Just be sure to check them for safety before using them or loaning them out.

Anyway, this trusty Dyson vacuum cleaner is going to clean my garage today, and my house tomorrow. The work goes fast because of the great suction. When you buy industrial grade, you get top performance. A wet and dry vac is highly recommended so you can use it on patios and terraces, not to mention the garage or work room floor. You can use the unit for wet pick-up and you also get clean-up tools for dry applications. They are all safe to use in most situations.

I love my vac and have given it multiple tough assignments. It is sturdy and rugged, made of rotationally molded polyethylene housing. There are also ten inch diameter stair climbing wheels which really come in handy in the house, especially in that I have a basement. I love that it stores tools right on the premises, including a crevice tool, a dusting brush, a multi-part stainless steel wand and assort pick-up tools for wet or dry application. There is, of course, a nice nine foot hose and a fifty foot safety yellow power cord.

I could go on and on…after all this is a blog about a vac and you probably expect details. Let’s leave it at this. You get great capacity at eighteen gallons and a device that is powered using a two-stage, 1.17HP motor that offers 95 DFM and 110” water lift. That might be mumbo jumbo to you, but to those in the construction industry, it all makes perfect sense. This shovelnose vac is tops in the field, well-priced, and guaranteed to tackle any household or commercial job. Consider it recommended.