Extend the Life of Your Gear

I believe in safety in the workplace, especially construction areas where the risk is great for accidents and injuries. I think every manager should memorize the OSHA laws and set forth rules and regulations on the job that will protect workers. More often than not, damage to personal belongings such as shirts and pants, shoes and boots, and watches occurs that ends up in wasteful expenditure on new items. Okay, it is not a life-threatening situation, but the cost adds up. If you are attentive to what causes such damage, you can save money on torn and ripped items that is a product of normal activity in the line of duty in construction work.

Why not repair things yourself rather than threw them out to populate already overstocked landfills? Put patches on shorts and pants, replace torn boot laces, and get a watch repair kit for your vulnerable timepiece. Better yet, don’t wear it at all. It is exposed to all kinds of machinery and equipment that wreak havoc on its accuracy. It is all about ingenuity when you want to stop waste and save the environment. It may seem a small gesture but extending the life of your gear can help. It is all about stopping rampant consumption that keeps the factories going using up precious fuel.

If you are practically minded like me, you will think of creative ways to keeping using your personal belongings, including your car and household appliances as long as possible. Get out of the consumption rut. I know it is fun and energizing to buy new things, but it depletes resources. We can all do our part. Meanwhile, never sacrifice safety in the workplace no matter where you are—office or construction site. That should be your top priority. Next you can think about recycling and waste. I know a construction manager who bought watch repair kits for everyone on his crew. It was a symbolic gesture about doing it yourself when it comes to damage incurred while working. It was taken lightly until everyone realized the meaning of this gesture. They got the point and within days, they showed up with iron-on patches and polished boots. The longer you wait to repair any damage, the worse it will get and the harder to fix.

I also know a construction boss who created a campaign around waste and the alternative—repair. He created the acronym: victory. He would start every work day with a chant: victory, victory, victory for all! The crew got into it and followed along each morning with glee. It became the group’s identity slogan. This may be all it takes for you to start a similar program with your workers.

V is for vigilance on the job

I is for independent thinking

C is for a “can do” attitude

T is for take it seriously

O is for own your job

R is for repair

Y is for yes to recycle