Allergy and Asthma Sufferers, Rejoice!

Promoting safety in the workplace is my personal cause. You can’t be too cautious with other peoples’ lives. You follow OSHA guidelines and the specific rules of a given workplace. Together they will keep you on tract for most contingency situations. Something that is not altogether typical is the issue of respiratory ailments such as asthma. There are increasing numbers of allergy and asthma sufferers, and now they can rejoice. It is a proven fact that a personal air purifier in the office can alleviate symptoms a great deal. It can rid the place of airborne pollen, allergens, mold, dust, germs, chemicals, bacteria, and all sorts of elements that aggravate the medical condition. Help is indeed on its way.

An air purifier can also eliminate odors and smoke, but for the purposes of this blog today, let’s talk about asthma and allergies. It is all about the filtering system. It comes down to the fact that these medical conditions rank sixth among chronic ailments in the US according to the American Lung Association. People with asthma are at risk for health complications associated with poor indoor air quality. It is up to employers to help employees avoid lung disease and the development of infections. If all it takes is an effective air purification system, well, by all means, put it in. Most experts tout the HEPA filter as the best answer as well as activated carbon which together will remove a wide range of pollutants and particles. The best air purifiers meet strict standards. When they do and they operate optimally, you can a healthier indoor environment.

There are many good systems on the market. The QuietPure Home air purifier, as the name denotes, is extremely quiet compared to other models. It has advanced HEPA filtration and a patented turbo charged airflow system designed to clean large amounts of air. It is ideal for removing allergens, bacteria, viruses, pet hair and odors, and features a simple to use auto-mode that will clean the air automatically – no need to adjust fan speeds. The QuietPure Home easily covers a mid to large sized area up to 880 square feet and is built-to-last with a 5 year warranty like our other premium air purifiers. The easy-to-use display shows particle counts, relative humidity and even the temperature in your home or office. In addition, the owner can also use an optional free app on a smart phone to view actual indoor air quality in real time. This brand comes highly recommended for allergy and asthma sufferers and those with COPD. You get extensive protection for employees at an affordable price. It comes with a pre-filter, a HEPA and carbon cartridge, and complete monitoring system.

It is comforting to know that people with respiratory issues can ask their employers about the kind of protection in the way of an air purifier they are willing to provide. They can go to work with their minds at ease about aggravating their allergies and asthma. It is a better state of affairs these days in the work place due to vigilant employers.